President & Founder

    Paul entered the Plumbing & Heating industry at a young age, working as an apprentice plumber for his father’s plumbing company while in high school and college. After earning his bachelor’s degree from UMass Amherst, Paul moved to the wholesale end of the business. He began working for Robinson Supply Company in Fall River, MA as a counter salesman. Paul also worked in Robinson’s purchasing department and as an outside salesman for the company during his tenure.In 1986 Paul and several St. Pierre family members founded New Bedford Plumbing & Heating Supply.

    In 1993, Paul become the sole owner and President of the company. Since then, Paul has overseen the company as it steadily grew over the years. In 2017, he oversaw the purchase of the company’s second location, Brockton Plumbing & Heating Supply.

    In his spare time, Paul enjoys being outdoors and spending time with his family. He is also a traveler and enjoys spending time overseas.